De platen- en cd wereld van Gijs van Rij

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Titel:You Suck
Album:Play More Music
Label:Play It Again Sam
Nummer:NET 040 CD
Industrial Music is Fascism
Tool and Die
Praxis (Bold as Love)
We Came Here for Music
Accept Me For What I Am
Veggie Beat Manifesto
Why I'm in the Klan
Guerrillas in the Mist (Featuring Paris)
Hello Are You There
Animal Rights / Abortion Rights
Wendy O Matik
One More Song
I Reckon You Should Shut the Fuck Up and Play Some Music
You Suck (Featuring The Yeastie Girls)
Spelen (112k) (48k) (24k)  Help

The Men's Movement
Gone Fishing
Labour vs Leisure
A Day on the Green
More Music / Hip O Crits
Industry Corporate
This Isn't a Fuckin Press Conference
Crackhouse (Featuring Crack M.C.)
More Music Please