De platen- en cd wereld van Gijs van Rij

Terug Goed om te weten

Artiest:Diverse Artiesten
Album:Alle 13 Goed! + drié extra
Nummer:816 037-1
Golden Earring - When the Lady Smiles
Masquerade - Guardian Angel
José & Ron Brandsteder - So Long, Marianne
Frank Stallone - Far from Over
Trio - Tooralooralooraloo - Is it Old & Is it New
Eddie and the Soulband - Soulchacha
Risqué - Shadow of your Heart
Video - Somebody
Dolly Dots - She's a Liar
George McCrae - One Step Closer
Bennet & Bee - Everybody Feel the Heat
Hazell Dean - Jealous Love
Babe - Dolly the Doll
World Premiere - Share the Night
Snowy White - Bird of Paradise
Saskia & Serge - The Country Disco Train

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