De platen- en cd wereld van Gijs van Rij

Terug Goed om te weten

Artiest:Diverse Artiesten
Album:Alle 13 Goed! +2 Extra
Nummer:811 231-1
Irene Cara - Fame
Yarbrough & Peoples - Heartbeat
Patricia Paay - Tomorrow
Dianne Marchal -It's my Time now
Future World Orchestra - Theme from E.T.
Candy Race - Wild World
Bennet & Bee - Put that Pretty Smile Upon your Face
Aristakes - Don't Wanna Live Without You
Renee and Renato - Save Your World
The Cats - La Diligence
Lisa - Break it Out
Next One - Candlelight
Joe Bourne - Going out of my Head
Lori Spee - Time to go
Dire Straits - Twisting by the Pool

Foto voorzijde Bart Mulder