De platen- en cd wereld van Gijs van Rij

[Terug] [Goed om te weten]

Album:Sinister Slaughter / Behind the wall of Sleep
Label:Nuclear Blast
Nummer:27361 6445-2
The Ted Bundy song
Sniper in the sky
Montreal massacre
What the hell did you do?
The Boston strangler
Mary Bell
Mary Bell reprise
Killing spree (postal killer)
Is it soup yet?
White hen decapitator
Howard Unrah (what have you done now?)
Gacy's lot
There was a young man who blew up a plane
Vampire of Düsseldorf
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Shotgun Peterson
What's that smell?
Edmond Kemper had a horrible temper
What the heck, Richard Speck
Albert was worse than any fish in the sea
Behind the walls of sleep
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Slaughter hy poser
Freeze dried man