De platen- en cd wereld van Gijs van Rij

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Artiest:Diverse Artiesten
Album:Alle 14 Favoriet
Nummer:NZ 2
Showaddywaddy - Under the Moon of Love
Teach In - Upside Down
George Baker Selection - MaƱana (mi amor)
Jesse Green - Flip
Arjan Brass - Leonie
Air Bubble - Marble Breaks
Dutch Rhythm Steel & Showband - January, February
Champagne - Rock and Roll Star
Tavares - Don't Take away the Music
Patrica Paay - Who's That Lady with my Man
Wally Tax - Let's Dance
Lia Velasco - Your Smile
Bay City Rollers - I Only Wanna be With You
Chaplin Band - Let's have a Party